Hey, welcome back. Today we are going to learn how to setup an oculus gap s and how laid it up to play roblox VR.I have seen some comments about this that’s why I am doing this post right here.

So what you want to do is once you’ve got your oculus gaps you want to creating it down to where your computer is and then untangle the wires. Once you’ve done that you wanna have it facing the other way.

You wanna get the wires and you have to have a port on your computer like that so it’s straight-shooting and then its this small arched and straight down. If you don’t well you might need a new computer or pay your rifts because you cannot use it. What we want to do is actually plug in this USB 3 and also need USB 3. If you don’t have that in the field front as well okay. So you got the way up depart the back of your computer to plug in.


Wait 10 seconds then you could turn the expose pull in just like this, and then what will happen is when you placed the headset on the oculus up will open up and that means that it is owner lying and labouring now for the King shoeless if they are already owned you can turn on or off by the gluing light inside. If they’re not on all you gonna do is just press the top button in the bottom.

I’m gonna turn on and pair with the oculus now to get into blue-blooded blocks for you go to your computer open for a while or a roblox and then you want to go and for example sketch playground you want to go on the game open it up and then when it starts off halo about differentiate Wiebe in VR mode right here and that is how you actually so you PR and for roblox feel and any other sports like pulsate Sabre and substance like that.

It’s very simple if you have if you’ve got the oculus you don’t want to go to a library and then you crave to sounds play and it is the beginning on the oldest stuff on the bargain for steam do steam on your your computer so once it’s dancer formerly it starts up you can have a game that you want for the game and all you do is press play and then a little steam you’re on the oculus and that is basically playing little games.


Now also is a little safety feature I don’t want to keep this a nice enclosed room where there’s no light-colored “re coming” so like this so no over here you can’t really that lenses get back because it will injury them so for example something like a little box here that I use where I introduced my VR.

It’s very useful because it’s nice and dark and now and it can’t mar the lenses but other than that that is how you gave the VR and keep it from being damaged we’ll really do a little bit of gameplay now okay people so instead of playing Scotts playground like we often do today we’re good to play the all musics box because I ought to have going some comments as well telling me you play sandbox so that’s what we’re gonna play today if you don’t know what this is it’s B mostly have superpowers.

It’s like Scott’s player but you have superpowers mostly and you are eligible to body-build you can[ __] your parties up throw them in your hands and nonsense like that’s pretty enjoyable so like imagine you could get a vacuum and then you could suck them off just like this and then they get stuck on your hand and then you couldn’t mess around with them you can be like oh there’s normal people and the guys hello doo doo doo – oh this is actually modified since I was lost here okay oh my god you ain’t flying let’s paint him a house Elda move over oh no “were having” to.

I’m gonna introduce person over this house you know they are coming he wants to come to my house there we go and we’re gonna “re coming up on” to this mansion now oh okay there we go and then when you plunge her off over here there we go and now we body-build the house around her just like this and then she has a nice little house hello I’m going to look at all the marbles and write oust it with brick go get-up-and-go go delightful brick inside as well beautiful now what’s[ __] our let’s go flying in do this is where I bought my home last-place era.


I remember this had a nice little residence and oh god she’s dead yeah uh-huh let’s go back over here hmm let’s get another victim yes we have a vacuum ready to go get him why did he depart I think someone exactly weight loss are these coming from oh they’re all spawning off a built furnace yes I have stopped the bubbly froths from loping in escaping and now captured in a neat neighborhood there we go oh no that’s still like that we’ve got a nice little expanse for the marbles to stay now hello sir you can a nice look at the marbles all that you off in foot Fucking – god and do you want some sparkler there? You go build a little break Choki hello you know how to shop you the all data.

Please to read this one not scale this one then supersede everything there is this with separate sons this is no longer whatever it was before just now brick what the heck is this let’s make all of this brick exactly the older appears the cruddy is turn it to like a brick wall okay so obviously it operates as you can see I’ll be playing roblox with y’all quite a bit now so this works that that’s how you do with it self-evident fault s okay’s quest.


I don’t know if it are now working with an oculus associate cable and the other ones I increase merely placed them in your computer and play roblox like that anyways just like this but you need to sure-fire cable plugs for your compare to look for them wreak and yeah so if you wishing to more video content is secure to demolish the like button and do the survey formerly if you like a normal content delight agree and don’t you know check out the oppler up now and the latest one unseal all next time bye